Hi everyone. I'm printing some color in my basement now, and I was settled on going with some of Kodak's Endura Paper because it is archival, cheap, and should print my mostly-Kodak-dominated film repertoire quite nicely. However, I have run across some very cheap paper, available from Ultrafine (www.ultrafineonline.com) that can't be beaten at $100/500 shts (or can it?). I'm just starting color printing and need something cheap because I have a hard enough time not ****ing up B&W paper, so color I'll make a minimum of three times as many mistakes. At the same time, I am printing some people's pictures (snapshots, homecoming photos etc.) and I don't want to give them a product on inferior paper that will fade and yellow much quicker than Kodak's. So does anyone know what the specs are from this paper? Also, what is the optimal chemistry for a given color paper: the one made by the same company, or is there a specific paper developer shown to be the most archival and high-quality? Thanks for your help everyone.

~Karl Borowski