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I have to agree with a lot that has been said by others about your upcoming event. It will give you a good foot in the door should you want to do weddings in the future. I'm certainly not an expert on the issue as I have done only three weddings with film cameras. I did a few with video but that is pretty easy to get everything, the only problem is you never rest with video because...you are getting everything. I would suggest getting a book or two at the library or buying one online. I have one that lists everything you might want to shoot. You can do a great wedding and forget the mother of the bride and you are mud. My last wedding was done as a favor to one of the CNA's that took care of my mother in the nursing home. They were young kids that had been married before and didn't have a lot to spend. It was done outside but the thing that bothered me was that just before the ceremony, the justice of the peace (a relative of mine too) told the crowd that they could gather around. This made it hard for me to take pictures during the ceremony because everyone was in the way. I did get some nice shots later though using a couple of Minolta X-700's. Getting back to the list in wedding books, you can go over this with the bride and see what she will want. Expect her to change her mind (she is a woman you know) and the things she says she doesn't need pictures of will be the things she will call you later and say, could you get a picture of my uncle Harry when she told you not to bother with him. My only other advice is to check all batteries and their connections and start with fresh batteries in the camera and flash. Don't expect to sleep the night before the wedding and don't eat any special foods that might cause you to have to run to the bathroom during the day. Otherwise, go ahead and chalk it off as a great learning experience. Ric.
I may do that, although I do not plan to make this a habit (I rather be shooting a few portraits and my landscapes), but too late for this one. The wedding is this Sunday so I'm going naked!