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Michaelbsc asked what x-ray duplicating film I am using. It is Kodak dental x-ray duplicating film processed with Kodak GBX dev and fixer. Available through my dental supply. If they only sell to dentists you could probably have your dentist order for you. Agfa also has (or had) a similar product which can be processed in the same chemistry.

Is this the X-omat 2 film? I've read the data sheet, but I haven't ever had a chance to actually touch it. (For that matter, you might even be the person who gave me a reference to it some months ago that got me to the data sheet for it. It was someone on APUG.)

Is the GBX chemistry a magic reversing bath, or is there something magic in the emulsion that would allow use of any old developer like Rodinal or D-76?

(And if the GBX chemistry is a magic reversing bath, have you tried it on regular film?)