The Epic is indeed a good camera for the price.

But one camera I have from the 80's that matches it in picture quality is the first Nikon OneTouch (fixed lens, not the later zooms). These can be had for $5 to $10 on EBay, and the excellent condition ones are a steal. Camera was made back in the days when P/S cameras hadn't yet miniaturized too much, so it's not shirt pocketable. But it's got a nice heft to it - there must be a lot of metal inside or thicker-than-normal plastic. It has a very good 4-element lens and a larger flash than the Epic. Runs on AA batteries.

Back to the Epic: As mentioned by a post above, the Epic has a bias toward wide apertures and fast shutter speeds. It's therefore best to use it with 400 ISO films to ensure adequate DOF in case the focus is slightly off.