That sounds great. I will go and check out the digital camera and send you pictures. Should have them to you sometime this afternoon. I am assuming that shipping wouldn't be more than 20 - 25 dollars through US mail insured and what not. But I don't do a whole lot of selling on ebay so thats just a guess. Might even be less.
I will take several photographs and just feel free to respond back with more detailed photo requests. The 5D is pretty darned good at taking detailed pictures. Just tell me what you want to look at more closely.


ps. when and if you decide that you want to proceed with buying it - i will then end the auction early or you can just select buy it now through ebay. I would prefer Paypal but would accept MO or Cashiers check. If you bought the items that way though i would have to wait for payment to clear before shipping. With Paypal I could ship as soon as payment is acknowledged.