I'm a little late to this discusion but wanted to chime in with my observation about what Ralph has stated and illustrated well with his diagram - that pinhole size affects angle of view.

As far as it has been illustrated the diagram would serve to support the assertion that size does in fact affect angle of view. However .... it does not.

The detail omitted is the film size. The diagram, if it is to be made more complete would show the film. Draw a same size, lets say one inch line under each of the diagrams. This would represent the boundary of your film size and then we will see that in the first expample if the film is far enough back a too small hole would cause dramatic vignetting where the light does not reach directly but only through bouncing around. If the second size is taken as correct and being larger enables light traveling in a straight line to reach the corners then a larger hole will only have more of the light hit areas inside the camera that are the sides, not on the film but if you measure the angle of view, that is to say the angle of view which the film records - then it will be identical to the middle (or optimal) pinhole size.

Ergo ... pinhole size does NOT affect angle of view. Not once the defining boundaries, that is to say the distance from the film plane and the size of the pinhole also include the third variable - the size of the film.

So a pinhole can be too small in relation to other factors and cause vignetting but larger than optimal will only degrade the quality, but not change the angel of view.

Details, details!