Well, I received my box today and went through roughly 10 sheets...it is alot faster than I thought, three were well over exposed. I'm using a 15w incandescent bulb at 36" above the contact frame. Some of my negatives are for salt prints so...a little rough for this paper. However, the other negatives came out really nice but what I think is fast. This is my first time w/ contact print paper, so lots of fun. I'm using PF Ansco 130 for developing. I will try amidol water bath techniques over the weekend.

In the end I found for what I think is a grade 2-3 negative I am getting @13-15 seconds of 'on' time with the bulb, is that normal? This gives me a print in developer (1:1 130) that I can see in 5-10 seconds and is finished in around 20 secs. To me this seems really fast. I am thinking that my negatives are a bit stronger than I thought, is that normal, the times I listed? I'm going to pull out other negatives and see what happens.