Another petzval to go tonight. Probably another old magic lantern lens. It is marked 6" EQUI on the barrel, about f3.4.

It's about 6" tall, 2 " wide. Doesn't quite cover 4x5 at infinity, so it is the sort you'd want for 4x5 portraits and swirlies. Has some cleaning marks and a small scratch on the rear lens maybe 2mm, off center and unlikely to have much affect on your images. You can always do the old 'fill it with black ink' trick if it annoys you.

Price: $99 shipped in the USA

I take USPS money orders, Paypal as a 'gift' or Paypal if you pay the fees (about 4% extra). I also entertain offers and trades (whole plate holders maybe?) .

And YES, I'll ship overseas to any country taking USPS Int'l Priority or Int'l First Class package, but cannot insure the package or track it, so it is totally at your own risk. Shipping is probably at least an extra $10 or so in an envelope with lots of bubble wrap.