I wonder what that is going to do for sales of DiXactol?
I dont know, the temptation is great to not have to do any more developing, or standing for hours in a darkroom, etc, etc. But if quality is a major factor, he will be back to analog. Of course if he is doing 35 mm or medium format, and he is being sponsored to use the newest digigizmo with a zillion pixels....well then he might be trapped by the darkside. Ah well, such is life.

I have yet to see a digital print that rivals a contact print, but for smaller formats like MF or 35, well.....things are rough for the analog people. The quality of digital is very good and I have seen some awsome prints done this way....as someone in this forum said, quality is quality and crap is crap no matter the capture method. I have also seen some horrid digital prints as well as analog.

But back to your rant, I dont know maybe he wants to learn photoshop and keep with the times. Who knows why, maybe he explains this on hsi web site.