15w? Really? That is exactly what is going on in my head! makes no sense.

I've read the azo forums, folks there using 300w and having enough time to dodge/burn if needed. I try a 75w bulb and in the developer, I saw the image come up and I didnt have enough time to pull it out of the developer and get it in the fix before it went black. I started at 22", which seemed normal from what others were saying and have creeped it upwards and dropped the wattage. I'm not upset, just scratching my head and talking to myself (which btw freaks out other people in a darkroom, because I not only talk to myself but actually have conversations, just something to think about ) I'm trying work out what I'm doing that is different. I do have LED red lights, i need to test the paper and lights, havent done that yet but on prints that come up, whites are white (checked w/ a wedge)....so? Again lots of head scratching and talking to myself in teh darkroom.

Developer when it gets old should weaken a bit and I have diluted it, maybe go with a 1:2 ratio and see what happens. I have an amidol mix from PF but before I mix it up I really want to nail it down with the PF ansco 130.