I have just acquired a nice 9x12 Van Neck press outfit with 6 inch Ross f4.5 Ross Xpres, 4 inch f4 wide angle Ross Expres and 11.5 inch f5.5 Teleros lenses. While I am waiting for film to arrive ( I thought I would give Adox 50 a go) I wonder if anyone has any experience of using this camera and or/lenses. From the little documentation I have found it would appear that no two cameras were exactly the same as the company made customisation a selling point. However the design is based on the Goerz Anschutz with extra refinements. I would be particularly interested to know how the press man of the 1940s managed to focus his telephoto lens other than by having a damn good eye for distance. Although the camera has a glass focusing screen this needs to be removed prior to insertion of the plate so it would have been highly impractical for reportage.