Thanks to everyone who sent me cards this round. Sorry I haven't had time to comment on them individually, suffice to say that everyone one of them is much appreciated.
Thanks also for the kind comments on my card. I'd wanted to use this image for a while but had lost the negs (easily done with Minox negs ). Anyway I came across the negs while having a clear out. A couple of you have commented on the soft border, this was slightly serendipitous as I initially tried printing it 'full bleed' but the 6x4 postcard ratio meant that too much of the top and bottom of the 8x11 neg got chopped off and it lost too much detail and looked cramped. When I was re-focussing the enlarger with the smaller full frame image I realised that the soft borders gave it more of a 'time tunnel' look so I did away with a masking easel.