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It is an alternative to the loss of Azo and it took four years of hard work and much technical innovation to bring it to market.

Purchase and use it to make fine prints so we continue to have access to it.
Right on.

At this point in time I have far more experience with Lodima than Fomalux 111. While I'm thankful to have both papers around my preference, even with the price difference, is for Lodima - especially considering Lodima is available in two grades. Of course this is merely my opinion after limited use with Fomalux. As I mentioned earlier in the thread I am simply not qualified to do a scientific comparison.

As far as where Lodima is produced, well, of course I'm curious! =)

One other point of note, during my last printing session with Fomalux 111 I found that 3 of my test prints had small circular white spots - maybe two or three on each print. I was using 4x5 sheets which I had cut down from 8x10 so it is quite possible, probably likely as the 3 sheets with problems were consecutive, that the spots were all from the same 8x10 sheet.