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Regarding potential problems, well used A-series cameras sometimes suffer from 'Canon Cough', AKA mirror bearing failure.
Very true. But apart from that there's little to worry about. The battery door on the AE-1 Program and even more so on the AL-1 QF is prone to break easily though. Not the case on other models. One of my 3 AV-1's is draining batteries too fast (probably the switch is constantly feeding the AE circuit). Light seals don't seem to be an issue, I have 9 bodies in the A series and none have had new seals as far as I'm aware but none have any light leaks.

The AV-1 is actually one of my favorites in this series, despite its lack of manual controls. I prefer to have aperture priority rather than shutter priority any day. With the A-1 I can have both but the controls are more awkward on that body. The only things I sometimes miss on the AV-1 is the DOF preview and AE lock. It has the backlight compensation button though which is a quick and quite unique way to do what you need to do in such cases.

Still looking for some FD glass... 24mm or wider, prices are going up