I'm catching up on 3 weeks of travelling, and some great cards when I got home.
In no particular order, thanks to

Stephen Frizza: glowing colours, and beautifully presented. Being used to old European cathedrals, I find it quite strange to see modern, secular dress in a stained glass window. It's always good to have one's preconceptions challenged!
KWhitmore: I like the curve of the hillside and shadows leading up to the sculpture. Thanks for the comment too, Katherine.
Mark Rewald: There's always a comparison between the structure and simplicity of man-made objects and the complexity of nature, like the water flow and foam here.
Lorifrommontana: That feels cold! I hope the move goes well.
Wayne Frederick: Some rich textures. It's very peaceful, and you can only imagine what it looked like at the time ...
djhopscotch: Wow, what a place. The IR really works here.
Tim Gray: Shame that HIE is gone, but you're lucky (or well-organised!) to have a stash. Is it a double dam? - looks as if you're standing on one dam and shooting another.
Valerie: You can't beat contact prints for detail and tonality. It's amazing how quickly nature takes over old buildings.
Aron: The bars are preventing me from escaping up to the light. Very well done, and I also like the paper.

Thanks all!