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Yes, the small Rollei digibase kit bottles could be better sealed, but i do not think the developer needs nitrogen protection since there are no bottle containing the active working developer. The ingredients are split up in 4 different parts. I suspect, meaning i am not sure, that they get around the oxidation problem in a way that can be compared to how you can get around the same problem by mixing phenidone in glycol and get extremely long shelf life as long as it is not mixed with water and the activator.

This is a conclusion i make from the poor bottle seals together with the statement of very long shelf life. Normally this would be a contradiction, but i do not think they would jeopardize their reputation, and thus i draw that conclusion. So far it seem to hold up, both my opened concentrates and the working solutions have not shown any deterioration after 4 months in less than ideal storage.

The problem with these developer kits, as i see it, is the lack of deeper information and user experiences. The latter part is understandable since it is a new product, but the former should Rollei be criticized for. This was the reason for me to start this discussion in the first place and i hope that user experiences over time will make up for the lack of deeper information.
That's good to know...if I do end up keeping this kit, I hope it'll be useful.