My boy is taking a photography class at Curtis high school near Tacoma, WA. Boy was I surprised when he came home with a camera borrowed from school. It was fully manual 35mm Pentax with real Freestyle EDU 100 film in it. This is standard equipment for the kids in class. Not only did he bring home the camera but he brought home a negative sleeve containing film he had exposed and developed in class.

The teacher is instructing the kids in the fundamentals of photography and there's not a digicam in sight! Oh, and Andrew's first negatives have nice density if not a little grainier than I would like. The biggest plus, the pictures are really nice! He scanned them on my film scanner ( I know, a really bad thing for the son of an APUG'er to do) but he and I are going to print them using enlarger and paper tonight.

There's hope for film yet