Still cleaning out the nooks and crannies, and came across these.

ClearFile Archival Plus 120 size 3-hole pages, 4 strips of 3 frames. One unopened pack of 25 pages, one opened pack of 3 pages. (Part number is 160025B)

ClearFile Archival Plus 35mm size 3-hole pages, 6 strips of 6 frames. One unopened pack of 25 pages. (Part number is 130025B)

Photo Archive Light Impressions 35mm size vertical sheets, 10 strips of 5 frames (weird!). One unopened pack of some number of pages (20 or 25 by the looks of it), plus an opened pack of 6 pages. (Part number is 5663)

Dot Line Plastines, 35mm size strips - one strip of 6 frames. Unopened pack of 100 strips. (Part number is S-00610/100)

How about everything for $20 including shipping anywhere in the world? I'll take Paypal, check, money order, a $20 bill in an envelope, basically anything that results in actual money ending up in my hands. So no wooden nickels, for instance. You don't have to do a gift payment if you use Paypal, I'll eat the scant fees.