Still more cleaning out the nooks and crannies, and came across these.

Ilford 6-inch by 6-inch Multigrade filters. A very nice complete set of the big ones!

Ilford 3.5-inch by 3.5-inch Multigrade filters, 3 sets. A very nice complete set. A somewhat raggedy complete set. And an OK set that is missing number 3.

Kodak 75mm by 75mm Color Compensating filters. Some of them are a little raggedy. Some are unopened. There seem to be filters to match the markings on the packages, but there's some chance there are errors, so keep that in mind. Here is what the markings say: 5R, 10R, 20R, 5Y, 10Y, 30B, 85B, 05M, 10M, 20C, 30C, 20Y, 10Y.

Tiffen Series 7 diffusion filters. Marked #2, #3, #4, and #5.

How about everything for $20 including shipping anywhere in the world? I'll take Paypal, check, money order, a $20 bill in an envelope, basically anything that results in actual money ending up in my hands. So no wooden nickels, for instance. You don't have to do a gift payment if you use Paypal, I'll eat the scant fees.