I am going to be using this technique soon on a botanical series.

I would appreciate any suggestions from people familiar with this technique.


1) What tool do you use? I am thinking of a small MagLite with a black paper cone taped onto the end to narrow the beam of light so I can be precise. I will want to paint particular areas of a plant very selectively. Is this enough light? How about an opthalmascope\odoscope? I have used one for selective print flashing in the past. I love gadgets, so if you have anything cool, let me know!

2) Exposure. I am thinking of stopping down a fair amount, opening the shutter and paint the subject. Then close the shutter and give an overall exposure for the rest of the subject - basically a double exposure. I am not sure how long to let the light sit on a particular area. I guess I would light up an area, meter it with my spot meter and determine exposure normally by placing the results on a particular Zone.

3) I see these being printed on AZO and pt\pd. I would like to use the light to build up a lot of density in the areas that I'm painting and the overall exposure to be sure I get density in non-painted areas. Comments?

Is there anything that I'm missing?