The Orbit is a good basic mono-rail view camera. Nice for a LF beginner or someone who just wants a cheap mono-rail with good movement and a rotating back. I haven't used it but I checked the bellows with a petzl and they're light tight. Movements work as they should and lock down properly. There are a few rub/scuff marks and some tape residue here and there but the Orbit's not a collectors item and its nothing that you couldn't clean up if you really felt the need.

Comes with two metal lens boards - one drilled for Copal 1 and the other drilled to almost fit the rear cell of a 127mm Ektar (the rear cell sort of presses into the opening). Also includes 3 Fidelity or Lisco plastic holders (with the plastic tabbed slides).

I'll include the tripod (Davis and Sanford) if you want it (might cost more to ship than its worth). It's sturdy enough for the camera, but the camera mount screw is held in the tripod by a big set-screw that I can't tighten enough for my tastes.

$100 + shipping. Payment via paypal.