I gathered everyone's advice and put it to use earlier today.

Bought a Petri 7S range finder with 2TMY- Preset Focus and F stop for the DOF so i know what distance of my subject will come in focus. Also Pre metered using a light meter so i can adjust according to the lights. That worked out very good, I was able to take shots of people without them knowing most of them time, as if i am just waving my camera up to my eye, shoot it and bring it back down. Even got the homeless peoples sitting around, I don't think they noticed me taking photos of him but when some of them spotted the camera I know they didn't like me around. But then I remember everyone told me, just keep walking, which I did. And to my surprised, a couple stopped me when i was walking around, they asked me what i was doing, once again someone on the thread told me to think about why I want to do street photography etc, which, I thought about it before so without stuttering i told them I just like to document the people on the street blah blah blah. We exchanged conversation and they actually wanted me to photograph them, that was a bonus. Then me and my friend kept on walking, he ran out of film so I gave him my last roll i had in my bag. After i ran out in the rangefinder I had to bust out my Yashica 230AF. And you guys were right, people do notice me a lot more carrying an SLR around. I still shot people on the street but then I will try to act like i am photographing something else and let the 'victims' walk right into the frame themselves, or, once again, just keep on walking, haha.

Developed both rolls just now, the ones from the rangefinder looks ok. Only thing i have to improve is, maybe i shouldn't do such a 'quick draw' too often, couple of them ended up blurry from camera shake. Overall I enjoyed walking around today. Half the time I was just joking with my friend how I can take photos without people noticing , and the speed. Turned out more like a game. But i guess it also helped first he was running around with a Kodak Duraflex, then a Minolta 7000. So he kinda got most of the attention, or distraction if you wanna think of it that way.

Anyways, Thank You for all those contributed to this thread, your comments are much appreciated and will continue to work on all your advice.