There just ended on Ebay an auction for a stainless tank and four 35mm reels. Two of the reels were listed as being 24 exposure, and the other two 36 exposure. From the picture, that is exactly what it looked like! The reels were all the same width, but two of them had fewer and wider spaced spirals.

Now, I am not totally omniscient, :rolleyes: but I've been doing this for, well, a long time, and I've never heard of 24 exposure reels.

Anybody else?

I bid mostly out of curiousity, so I didn't go very high (and didn't win, obviously).

Are there 24 exposure reels? Seems they would be easier to load. However, I don't have trouble with the standard reels, but I do use mostly 24 exposure film.

And, if they are very old, they could be 20 frames, not 24, since that's the way film used to come IIRC! With a 24, you'd have about 6 inches too much film.

Or, are they 126 reels?

Inquiring minds want to know ...

Cheers y'all.