I was hoping your OP was a jump-off to a more detailed discussion. You are very good at salting the forum that way (and I totally approve), but so far I'm not seeing the kind of follow-up information I was expecting. If 'stirring', 'mixing', and 'homogenization' are meant as vocabulary words, I'd love it if you could add them to your sticky thread, A short dictionary of emulsion making and coating terms. It's my observation/opinion that this forum is getting very bulky and hard to mine for usable information.

If you intended more discussion, I'll poke into some potential details. 1) What "insoluble materials" does one typically need to disperse into an emulsion with an homogenization rotor? and 2) Are you saying that a properly selected and implemented rotor can be used to change the grain size distribution of an emulsion that had been originally precipitated with uniform-sized grains? (And if so, to what end? More precise grain size control? Or, a way to economize on vat set-ups and emulsion runs?)