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I'm going to circumvent the circumstances, at least for a few of us. I'm teaching an after-school activities pinhole photography class (6 hours total) to 7-10 year olds, probably no more than 10 of them. The total 'grant' was $50- bought chemistry, a changing bag, beakers and a light baffled tank. The store gave me lots of black film canisters to build cameras with. Low budget magic and a far cry from Pentax! You may tell from my descriptions that I'm just beginning with darkroom stuff. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I've been doing some of the same thing- teaching pinhole photography, but to High School kids. I have loads of info & web links, so let me know what you're looking for. It is SO rewarding to see the kids latch on to an "old" technology & treat it as if it were something completely new!