This is the second time (that I've noticed anyway) of what I believe are drying marks on the last frame out of my Mamiya 6. I have attached a section of the negative. This negative was taken on FP4. I have outlines the marks with red.

The last frame on the roll is the frame that is on the bottom when the film is hanging to dry. What's weird is that if it were drying marks I would think you would be able to see them on either side of the film when reflecting light off the surface of the negative, and I cannot, yet when I view the negative on the light table, there's the squiggly lines.

Could this be a case of all the photo-flo and other water flowing to the bottom of the film and creating this on the last frame?

Could this be using too much photo-flo? I also used distilled water.

Can I possibly save this negative? Maybe re-fixing?

Anyone encountered this before??