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Do you have any feeling as to whether Fuji would/could/should make this latest incarnation an interchangeable lens camera, as they did with the earliest versions? Personally, I have always thought it would be the bees knees to have an interchangeable lens RF!

Granted, many people can be perfectly happy with a fixed lens RF (I have one myself in fact). But it seems that unless there were some major cost to adding a lens interface or some other design/performance constraint associated with it, it could only help to pick up additional sales for Fuji (in the form of lens purchases).

Anyway, I'm just musing; probably can't justify yet another camera anyway!
YES. A modern version of the old interchangeable lens 6x9s. Multi format 6x7 and 6x9. Basically a Mamiya 7 type, but with 6x9 capability. Now THAT I would save my pennies for...but then again, I feel that every 6x7 camera ought to be a 6x9 camera. How amazing would an RZ69 or Pentax 69 be?.