Hopefully, we will get enough people involved with enough cheap cameras and film that we can let anyone interested participate. I need to figure out how to organize all of those involved that it doesn't get to confusing. The point of this endeavor is to have a camera passed on to the next person who wants it either by mail or just a hand off meeting. there should be no rhyme or reason to this exercise but to see what we can create as a group. If someone expresses and interest in this feel free to contact that person if you have a camera that you want to donate. As of now I have about 3 cameras that I am planning on loading up and getting into the mix. I picked up two yesterday at Bibles for China for about $3.00. If someone wants me to pass the camera off to them I need your address. If you are close to Memphis TN, Little Rock AR or Jackson MS let me know as I travel to those cities on and almost daily basis. Lets have some fun with this.