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I'm not sure I'm following this. What do I do?
The idea is simple really. We are putting a new spin on an old idea by taking P&S cameras that aren't worth a lot, loading them up with cheap 35mm film qnd sending them around to were ever and seeing what kind of pictures we can get. If you have an old P&S you will be able to fin someone here you can send it to. If you don't have one don't worry there should be someone sending you one soon enough. When you get a camera or if you have one take a couple shots of anything and nothing in particular then find someone on the list and get it to them. I would like to keep this low budget so if there is someone near you, make arrangment to meet up and hand it off.
This goes out to everyone, it would be a good idea to pack cameras in a good sturdy box with good packing. USPS frowns on re using one of there boxes so I personally avoid using them for that reason. They should be boxed even if you are doing a hand off that way they are always boxed. This is just a suggestion so use your best judgement. The point is to have fun and see what we can come up with, remember, this is all as random as we can make it.