Along these same lines...

I don't know what your intention is totally, but another interesting lighting technique (can be used with PWL as well) would be to use different levels of soft focus for different parts.

Everything is shot in a completely dark studio

Say for example your fill light is left normal. (1 pop)

Then you have another light that rakes across the objects, you put a soft focus filter on the camera and then trip that light (1 pop)

Then you put something else in front of the lens and trigger another light (1 pop)

And then you could do a mix with another light (1 pop soft, 1 pop hard) and get a mix effect...

You get where I'm going with this... If you're looking for ways to alter the look of the lighting, perhaps this is something you can apply?

Lastly... Polaroid is your friend. It'll get you in the ballpark especially if you're using small apertures and reciprocity/low light from painting tool is going to pose a problem.