So I bought a bunch of photo gear off a friend and while I'm keeping some of it, others I have no use for...including this Minolta Flash Meter III.

The good:

Cosmetically in 8-9 out of 10 condition...just light scuffs here and there, nothing overly noticeable

As far as I know, it's in perfect working friend used it a long time ago and it worked perfectly, but the batteries are now almost dead...since I've never used one of these I have no idea how to work it, but when I turned it on (before the batteries died) and pressed buttons and whatnot, the display changed accordingly (I know...really lame way to test something). So...technically I'm selling it in "As is, untested" condition...BUT...I honestly believe it to be in 100% working order. (I have bought and sold a bunch of things on here, people can attest to my honesty )

Has the original strap as well as the nifty little diffuser

The bad:
The little knob next to the "MODE >" on the top right corner is broken can still move the actual switch up and down, but the knob itself is gone.


I don't know. On ebay the average ones (even ones with broken switches) go for around $100-150 US shipped. So...I'm thinking that's about fair market value for it...BUT...I'm open to offers, so shoot one my way

Also, I'm open to a trade/trade plus cash if you have any of the following: Canon FD bodies and/or lenses, RANGEFINDERS!!! (especially Minolta 7s, Canons)...Soviet cameras...

Let me know if you have any questions, offers,'s the meter