Same here, Steve. Not my cup of tea...but a wonderful amp all the same...and LOUD.

I am primarily a bassist, but my guitar amps consist of an Ampeg Jet II, a Fender Princeton Reverb, an Ampeg Reverberocket head/cab, and an Ampeg V-4 head/cab. All are amps with one simple row of knobs; even the Reverberocket, which has two channels, has nice and simple controls. (Only an extra gain and master control are needed for the second channel, which BTW I never use). I never liked monkeying with multi-channel amps. My most used guitar amps are the Jet (class A 15 W 1x12) and the Reverberocket (50 W head through one of a variety of cabinets). There is nothing I like quite the same as my ES-330 or a LP, Jr. cranked through the little class A Ampeg. With the Marshall, I'd rarely use the second "crunch" channel, let alone the third "lead" channel. Never liked Marshalls all that much anyhow, next to Ampegs or Fenders.