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just got one...

But I don't know anything about it. The VM doesn't mention a lot (just "several"), and the one description is dated much later than this one must be, as the Jamin name is written on it.

Original case - "secret" compartment in the lid where the original flange and a front plate was hiding..

beautiful condition.
Compleate as I can tell.

on the lens is written "B" and "PORTRAIT" - on the base of the barrel it says "A".

I am almost sure the Portrait "mode" is a petzval...

6 extra lenses to combine - 8 waterhouse stops.

Anybody know about this kind of set?
Wow! That's the sweetest casket set I've ever seen bar none! Does the piece that says portrait effectively lengthen the barrel, ie. when it's in Portrait (petzval) mode, it has that piece to make the barrel longer, and when it's in regular mode with some of the aplanat components, the barrel is shorter?