Brian - your final PFlo rinse (or whatever your final bath is) should not be on a reel, but dipped "by hand", so to speak. Most folks I know "see-saw" the film in a large loop from left to right, then hang.
I use PFlo, but I also use a graphic arts wipe called "Webril Pads", which come in a roll that will last a very long time. It's like a very tightly compressed cotton, like felt. I fold up the webril into a small pad, dip into the PFlo, and use the empty film processing tank to "roll" the excess out of it. Then gently swab (one pass, one direction) each side of the film from top to bottom, changing sides of the pad from e-side to base side. I'll use one pad for two films, turning it inside out, but more rolls than that I use another pad. I've never had any issues with this method. Sheet film I just hang diagonally.