I have been getting plenty of people messaging me that want to be involved, that's great. I would like to get this to be something self perpetuating by having those with a point and shoot giving a shout out here and letting those that want to participate message them so that arrangements can be made to move a camera along.

The idea to do a hand off to someone close by is basically just to try to keep the cost of shipping down so that it does not become a financial burden on participants.

I have had several people IM me from EU countries that want to be involved. My only concern with that is the cost of shipping. As big as APUG is, I would think that there are people that travel between the major countries that could get involved with this and help getting cameras around the world.
I used to drive over the road cross country and I moved plenty of items to others in one of the forums that I was involved with, granted it took longer than USPS but it allowed me to meet other members face to face and we got a big kick out of it.

There is nothing here that is set in stone and that is good, it allows us to come up with imaginative solutions to problems that would normally stop others. Anyone with an idea about how to keep shipping cost down should speak up, let's hear it.

One of the reasons I started this is that most of these "traveling camera" threads have a tendency to limit participants to an "X" number of people and those not directly involved must live vicariously through the post of those that are like a voyeur. I would like to have everyone that wants to get involved to be able to do so by keeping this free flowing an unlimited by the number of cameras involved. I think that this adds to the chaotic nature of this thread and keeps people on their toes.

Let's have fun with this people.