One roll of K200 in the freezer, passed on to me from a pal who has taken the D path.

I was going to shoot it this summer on vacation, but could not bring myself to do it. Thanks for the mutual support opportunity. I am interested in getting there.

I will see if I can arrange for my 7yo son to willingly come along, as older brother and mom are moving gear in for a community theatre production that day.

Somewhere I was surfing and looking at FSA images online this week, and saw a whole ton of 4x5 Kodachrome images. Oh, that was the day...

That being said, I too am responsible for its demise. It must be 15 years since I shot Kodachrome in my camera. I think a lot of it came from processing all of my own film. Why would I want to send it out.

Then again I have a whole family trove of memories passed on down to me in 35mm and 8mm movie Kodachrome. I even picked up a box of old stuff this past weekend at an estate sale that included two Kodachome processing mailers adressed to Kodak Toronto.