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Do you replenish Germain? If you do, how do you?

I recently mixed some and was quite happy with it using eastman XX cine film. However, because there are specific replenishment schedules worked out by Ed Lowe, I converted to Edwal 12, which differs from Germain very little -- only in the proportions of the three reducing agents, which are the same ones. Lowe suggests 3 ounces per 60 square inches; seems to work well. I suspect a similar schedule might work with Germain's version. I'm interested in your use with contractions; Lowe developed E12 for flat light, and it has a reputation of not working well for contractions.

Sorry I missed this post/ didn't reply. I don't replenish and find that the shadows come up pretty quick allowing for ease in pulling the highlights. It's easy to knock a stop off the highlights with no adverse effects and rotary development...EC