Of course there's the monumental core of the city, but there's so much more to DC than the monuments. In DC, getting around is easy: Metro (the subway system) is your friend. First thing you should do is go to a Metro station and get a system map. Then get yourself a Smart card and load it up (they're re-useable). If you want to see some street scenery, take a wander around my neighborhood - hop the Green/Yellow lines to U Street/Cardozo and/or Columbia Heights stations. Get out and walk around. General advice though is to stick to the west of 11th Street - heading east from there things go downhill fast, although it isn't immediately obvious from the housing stock. For something a little different, take the Orange/Blue lines to Eastern Market and wander around Capitol Hill. Take in the historic Eastern Market marketplace. Go another stop out the Orange/Blue lines to Potomac Avenue, stroll a bit further along Pennsylvania Avenue and hang a left to end up at Congressional Cemetery- many illustrious, famous, and even infamous figures in US history are buried there alongside ordinary Washingtonians (Matthew Brady, J. Edgar Hoover to mention a couple). They may still be doing a lot of restoration work on the grounds, so give them a call ahead of time to find out what conditions are like - http://www.congressionalcemetery.org/. Visit Georgetown if you like, but it's awfully touristy and tourist-trappy - lots of overpriced chain stores and overpriced, mediocre restaurants. Closest Metro is Foggy Bottom (not that close actually, but the Georgetown residents didn't want to have Metro when they were designing the system for fear of an "undesireable element" being brought to the neighborhood. Well, 30 years on, they have godawful traffic, and the "undesireable element" still walks/rides the bus in). Dupont Circle is another fun area to visit, with lots of restaurants, still some nightlife (although it has moved on to other parts of the city now).