Hi all

There's a few 'home ware' stores here in the UK (and elsewhere of course) like IKEA, Dunelm etc that sell enlarged photographs to customers.

Having looked at many of these photos, I've recently approached a few stores to ask how they obtain the prints and whether they'd consider any of my work for sale in their stores. I've even approached a large eBay trader who sells prints online.

Having asked several, the reply always seems to be along the lines of "we obtain photographic pieces from a supplier and we do not purchase directly".

How does one become such a supplier, other than signing up to a stock site? (I do have a stock membership with www.theimagefile.com but I find this approach to be largely unlucrative unless you're a digital shooter uploading a dozen shots of more or less the same scene, which I am not and don't). Is that the only way?