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Funny you should mention St Ives. A couple of my pictures are of that very place! One or two others of north Devon. Is the gallery you mention likely to be interested in approaches from folk like myself do you think? If so, would you tell me the name or are you in business with them yourself?
I think the owner only really sells his own work, Bill's one of his friends and only has a small number of images there- less than half a dozen from memory. All the work is LF or 120 panoramic and the quality is quite high. Colour saturation is rather high

I can't remember the name or street, but its not far from the Barbara Hepworth Museum and the RNLI shop. We stumbled upon it knowing Bill had some work in a St Ives gallery.

My guess is that strong but very different work might be of interest if there was a reasonable strong LF portfolio. The gallery sells a lot of creamy seascapes, long exposures moving water, sunsets, sunrises etc.

Personally I think it's better to work closer to home, where it's far easier to build up a good strong coherent portfolio. You need to think larger format 120 at a minimum as 35mm just isn't enough for many of the large prints sold as inkjet prints or posters/framed litho prints.

MF & LF is no harder than using 35mm, but landscape images are more saleable with larger formats.