[QUOTE=Neil Grant;852116]My Noblex is giving erratic exposure times. 500, 250 are OK. 125 is sometimes OK, other times about twice as long. 60 and 30 seem identical to eachother. All the long times, 15 to 1sec seem OK. Obviously something is wrong. Has anyone else encountered this?[/QUOTE

I don't know what is wrong but another source for repair is Noblex Canada in BC. My understanding is that Siggi Rohde bought all of the spare parts from Noblex when the factory ceased production of the camera. I recently sent my Nobex 150/U to him for repair and expect to get it back in a few days.

Siggi Rohde
President: Noblex Canada
Coquitlam, BC.
Tel/fax: (1)-604-941-0300

Sandy King