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I am a member of Facebook and have one of my interests listed as photography. As a result I keep getting ad's on the side of my Facebook page relating to photography courses. One which keeps popping up and makes me laugh is the ad I have attached to this thread

It reads "Learn how to take bland photographs and turn them into something special!".... Errr WHAT THE HELL??? Why not teach people to take amazing photographs in the first place!!! Blah! learn to take bland photos. What is the world coming to!
Ah ... the Photo$hop mentality. Why take a creative photograph when you can start with crap and then improve the exposure, the focus and the composition in Photo$hop? Heck with Photo$hop, you do not even need an image, just start with a blank screen, draw and import what you need. Then run it through a filter to make it look like a photograph. The final step is to add a negative frame that has "Tri-X" in the rebate to your color "photograph".