Thanks for the link! Very nice nudes, but the other pages loaded too slowly for me to see anything.

For me, I am going to paint plants and flowers with light, so I will need a small light source with a focused beam of light. I'm thinking of a MagLite and forming something on the front that will be like a cone with different shaped openings for the light to come out. I'm thinking of using those metal things that bakers put at the bottom of frosting bags to make round and flat shapes. I could tape them to the front of the small AA-sized MagLite and put some cotton or something over the lens to soften the light as needed. This would give a pretty precise insturment for painting plants and flowers. A 25-watt light would be good for larger subjects, I think.

If the light from the MagLite is too intense, I suppose I could fashion something with an incandescent bulb......Or I could use a phaser set on stun(ning) - that would guarantee great results with scientific precision.