I use an FM2 and used to have an F3hp. I think these two are quite similar in handling and that may be important to you. The meter read out on the FM2 is better, I think, than the F3's but the hp's viewfinder in general is great. The F3 also has a great motordrive which will charge along at 6fps. You can take off the prism which is useful for very low level shooting such as when the camera is on the ground. The F3 feels extremely sturdy, more so than the FM2 and, in fact, is probably a better camera but for one aspect. The sync speed on the F3 is 1/80 compared to 1/250 on the FM2. For that reason more than any other (the other issue being meter read out) I sold the F3 and kept the FM2.

The poll didn't work for me either.