Some questions, and some answers:

1. Do you have an approx. cost...? If we're shooting an 8x10...and keeping the neg, then there is a cost! If there is food and drink, there is cost.

Iím not sure about using 8x10Ö I think Iíve figured out how to let folks make exposures, but may go with Normaís 5x7 back (for the Fine Focus Workshops ďCone ExerciseĒ), and Baby Wista 4x5 (for portraits). Iím gonna keep the 5x7 negs, but Iíll mail you a decent print fer free. Ditto 4x5. Iím open to parting with negs, but for ease Iíll develop them, since I really donít have a sense of how to hand you an undeveloped neg as a take-out item. Iíd be happy with $3 per 4x5 (includes developing, proofing, and postage), $4 for a 5x7, I think. Subject to change. 5x7 and 4x5, if Iím absorbing film cost, keeps it more reasonable for me. Let me think about 8x10. Weíll have enough cameras, thatís for sure.

Youíre certainly welcome to BYO holders and film.

Itís my party, so I supply the chow. Thatís part of my fun.

So it would be easy to hang out for two days, eat well, show your work, and have it all for free.

2. How about staying there room to spread out a "bag?" ...or are there cabins around?

No bags here, sorry. ďCabinsĒ? Weíre not quite that rustic. Thereís a really nice (and reasonably-priced) B&B nearby. Campgrounds, too (but donít know if theyíll be open that late in the season). Keene hotels and motels are really expensive. Youíd be better off at Motel 6 in Brattleboro (25 minutes away, and a workshop favorite place). Remember, this is peak fall color weekend around here, so reservations might be challenging, and costs higher than other times.

...ok to sleep in a car outside your door?

Nope. I have enough to cope with, and cars and bags and tents imply bathrooms and hospitality that I have to courteously decline to supply outside of roughly the open house hours. No, no digging latrines, either. No, I wonít rent a Porta-Potty. While the open house hours are officially 10 to 5, Iíve got cooking and cleaning and arranging to do, which will keep my wife and I quite busy enough, thank you.

3. Any experts up there on interior lighting for architectural interiors?

Certainly not me, and having people wandering all over the house is probably also off limits. I donít own lights. The garage is full of winter hay for the steers.

Remember, Iím opening up my house to a fairly large number of people I donít know. Many are photographers, many more wonít be, and, unlike the photographers, of undetermined honesty.

4. What else.....?

Be kind to your host. This is supposedly only an ďart tourĒ designed to bring civilians to my place, ostensibly to buy my work. Having little confidence that this is a money-making deal, Iíve gone the extra steps to make it into the ďPhotography Extravaganza,Ē with the help of other folks, in order to have more fun than I might, meet good folks, and do something maybe worthwhile. Itís also a chance for Richard to strut his camera stuff, and Iíd like to help him do that. Itís also an excuse to get John Bowen, a good friend, up here, which is worth almost any amount of hassle.

That said, I was told I was crazy when I was in an art show in Keene last year and brought all three LF cameras just for display. It worked out fine. This is a quantum leap beyond, and I think we can make all three rings of the circus work. But as Ringmaster, I need to be able to set, and even change, the rules without hard feelings.

So, thatís current thinking. Three weeks! Egad!