The easy loading and auto advance is 1. what most people need. 2. very hand when you're doing sports and have to get a new roll going when you should be either shooting or maintaining situational awareness. 3. loading at night by the light of your cell phone.

Lacking a bottle opener in the darkroom, you can use the edge of a pair of sturdy scissors as well. Hold the roll in your fist with the end of the roll's metal lip caught behind the outside edge of the scissor blade. (Scissors fully closed), you can rip the metal end of very easily.

I went through a similar change in 1989 going from an traditional Olympus OM body to the Nikon f4s.

Fortunately the f4s does not rewind automatically. You have to pull a lever to do that and rewind with the crank, or pull two levers and it will do it for you.