I got a giggle about the *it* reference.
Low-end EOS bodies will be pretty much auto-everything and that automation can be a major hindrance if you are a skilled photographer used to getting your own way (hmm, aren't we all!?). Conversely, the high end (pro level, e.g. EOS 1n, V, 3 et al) EOS bodies are highly customisable to not do any of what you griped with. Even ubiquitous AF can be rearranged or stopped entirely.

I share some concerns about multi-modal and split-mode selection using buttons on the pro EOS bodies, but one that I relish is the AEB shortcut: a three-fingered squirrel press of three buttons and it's instantly engaged. Others, though, have hissed and snarled with such minor gymnastics as resetting the ISO (a two-fingered op.).