Do we count appearance of work on TV ?

My images were shown on the first program of the UK Channel 4's show "The Tube" hosted by Jools Holland, 5th Nov 1982, (first week of Channel 4 as well) probably the first and last time slides were used instead of video on a rock music show

Can't remember the exact track, it may have been Animals in Music, Spiders in Piano's, the bands name was Pictures in the Darkroom. The animals were recorded at Dudley Zoo, the band returned to the Zoo and performed the track live so the animals could here their input !!!!

Absolutely true, I have a press cutting of it showing the band performing at the Zoo. The band was waaaaay ahead of it's time, pre-Punk but it's there, Zooie (Kevyn Gammond) the guitarist had been in Jimmy Cliffs band in the 60's, Jimi Hendrix was the support act. Kevyn is reported to have the longest reach of any guitarist (stretch of hand) he can make sounds/chords not possible by others.

I never asked why the Band where called "Pictures in a Darkroom" PDR, but at the time I had a business putting photo's onto vehicles, vans, cars etc, the band recorded in a studio two doors away, and Jack Pass (John Pasternak) had become a good friend and would pop in most days to do artwork, or get me to do the bands photography. The band had been called Private Lives, then another much newer band used the same name & had a hit record.

Had my work on BBC's Pebble Mill at One shoe as week, back in 1978

I must try & catalogue my personal published work, my first was a an image on a newspaper front page in about 1970, followed by a magazine cover later in the year. I know I've had work published that I've never seen.