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Yep. New cameras certainly feel foreign, and they do a lot of useless shit. I cannot pull from my memory any print in which using my EOS film camera has made the print any better than what I would have made with one of my F-1's.

So, why have the EOS camera? Well, it is nice and newish, very reliable, and it allows me to be exceedingly lazy with all of the details, like film winding, changing shutters and apertures, etc. In other words, it is great for shooting things that I don't really care too much about; kind of like a point and shoot. It was very cheap for such a nice and reliable camera. I paid $180 shipped for an EOS 3.
I still love my manual cameras but the new one is so cool. For rapid shooting at airshows and sports events it lets me concentrate on the action without worrying about the settings. For slower more purposeful shooting the manual cameras still win the day for me.