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So by now the price will have gone down, just like computer prices!
That would be something, wouldn't it?

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I'll buy what the group wants. It's not likely that we will get more than one emulsion. So if it's Delta, I'm still in. I can always use my 110 f/2 Plannar if i need more speed.
Before the group has decided that the only option is to buy what the group wants, the decision what that will be has to be made.
How about Delta (for the better - in my opinion - emulsion) 400 (for the speed)?

Mind you, i find that ISO 400 film often is much too fast for the f/2 Planar. Good thing that the shutterspeeds go 'up the short end' quite a bit. But still, i want to us ethat lens at f/2, and not stopped down even moderately.
So if in anyway possible, ISO 100 for me?